AWS re:Invent Week Two: Highlights

Max Kelsen
8 min readDec 15, 2020

Authors: Kaiah Steven, Quantum Machine Learning Researcher & Jacob O’Farrell, Principal Engineer at Max Kelsen.

Max Kelsen is only one of three Australian companies to attain AWS’s machine learning competency status, and was named AWS’s 2020 Partner of the Year for Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. We are constantly in the thick of upskilling our team by attending conferences that fuel our thirst for knowledge and keeping our curiosity alive.

AWS re:Invent is a free 3-week virtual conference held by AWS as an opportunity for AWS experts to lead sessions and share the latest news, technologies, and trends within the space. The Max Kelsen team are attending for the entirety of the conference and sharing with you a weekly summary of the key sessions that touch upon the components and sub-services that we use, what we are excited about and why these are important.

#1 — Amazon Braket Updates — PennyLane Support & Tensor Network Simulators

Session Introduction:

Similar to the way that CPUs and GPUs work hand-in-hand to address large scale classical computing problems, the emerging field of hybrid quantum algorithms joins CPUs and QPUs to speed up specific calculations within a classical algorithm. This allows for shorter quantum executions that are less susceptible to the cumulative effects of noise and that run well on today’s devices. This session talks about 2 updates:

  1. Making the PennyLane library available so that you can build hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and run them on Amazon Braket.
  2. The AWS Center for Quantum Computing is working to address the noise issue in two different ways: we are investigating ways to make the gates themselves more accurate, while also working on the development of more efficient ways to encode information redundantly across multiple qubits.

Access the full recording here.

Max Kelsen Summary:

The Braket offering from AWS offers an impressive selection of exciting quantum platforms to test out. The PennyLane integration into this service provides the capabilities to construct hybrid quantum-classical algorithms in a…



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